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The Friends of Fisher House is a local non-profit 501 (c) (3) established in 1998 to support the various needs of the West Palm Beach VA Fisher House. The Friends of Fisher House Board volunteers their time and expertise to support the needs of the families staying at the West Palm Beach Fisher House.

We strive to present a welcoming, comforting environment for Veterans and their families during a difficult time in their lives.

We raise funds through private donations to alleviate the cost of lodging, food and other amenities for the Veterans and their families.


The West Palm Beach Fisher House (WPB-FH) is an 8 bedroom facility, situated on the grounds of the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.  Since the opening in 1995, WPB-FH is approaching 12,000 families served.  Each fully stocked guest room has a Wi-Fi Internet computer, a flat screen TV, and a DVD/VCR player.  Families have access to a fully-stocked kitchen, a newly renovated dining room, a living room with a library of books and video offerings, and a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking a small lake.  Even more importantly, they have the opportunity to be critical support system for each other.  In 2012 alone, over 644 families were accommodated.  The average occupancy rate is 80%, the average stay was 3.5 days, although that can be extended as long as is necessary.  In the past few years, due to constant overflow, the West Palm facility has been prompted to lodge families in are hotels, close to the VA.


Shelley has served veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs for 30 years. From the beginning of her employment at the VA, she has always had a passion for serving veterans and felt that she was destined to work there. She began her career at the Indianapolis VA Medical Center and transferred to the West Palm Beach VA in 2005. Shelley’s grandfather, two uncles, two sons and many extended family members have served in the armed forces. “My great uncle was a POW in WWII. I remember as a very young girl seeing a number tattoo on his arm and I asked him about it. He explained that he was in the military and he was taken captive and they tattooed the number on him. I remember the pain in his eyes when he talked about it. I will never forget the conversation or the admiration I felt for him. I became very interested in the military and history; reading and learning as much as I could because of him. He was a very special man and believe he lead me to the VA.”

Shelley’s son was injured and on life support while serving in the Marine Corp prior to her becoming the Fisher House Manager. “My husband and I had to urgently make plans to get to North Carolina, find lodging, and figure out how we were going to manage financially.  I completely understand the importance of the Fisher House and I certainly wish it had been available for us.”

Shelley has served as the Fisher House Manager since 2013. She considers it an honor and privilege to serve as the West Palm Beach Fisher House Manager and wants everyone that steps foot in the Fisher House to feel loved, cared about and like they are her family. “The families who stay at the Fisher House become my family. I know so much about them and love hearing their stories. When they leave, I miss them. Everyone is treated like family because they are.”

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